Gods, Guides, and Worlds Between

Finally Made It Out...Thank the Gods!

So from the last time I’ve written, we’ve destroyed a throne, and encountered two hulking ogre looking zombie things (Technical term). Tim, halfway through the fight, reemerged into this plane with us, and we quickly dispatched said zombie things.

The magically inclined inform us of more necrotic pulses, and even the non-magically inclined, such as myself, know that there are pulses coming from somewhere. The sorcerer points and says “This way to the next necrotic beacon.” We go.

We are come to a turn in a hallway, and Tim sends out this small rainbow colored cloud thing that he reappeared with around the corner to scope it out. The cloud describes to Tim the room, which it says, apparently, (we can’t understand what it says to him) that there is a portal on the left side of the room, and quite a few zombies hauling gravel towards a totem on the other. However, Tim says that it cannot quite grasp the details, which he and Haissem need to identify this totem, so I decide to stick my neck out.

I get a much clearer look at the totem, describe it as a large pillar on the left side of the room, it clearly has runic markings etched into it. On the right near the portal, there is what seems to be a being made of vines.

Haissem says to us that he has formulated a plan, and will return shortly. He transforms into a mouse and scurries away

He returns to inform us that this pillar is indeed a similar device to the throne in the last room. He also divulges us into his plan to get the zombies out of the room.

He shape-shifts back into a mouse, scurries across the floor to the other side of the room, near the opposite exit. He conjures his spirit companion to lead the zombies out of the room. They take the bait. Once they are all crowded around the exit, he de-transforms, and creates a wall of thorns, thereby trapping all the zombies in the wall and beyond it.

Tim and I decide to move out and attempt to take out the vine creature. Tim flies forward (showoff) and throws a blast at him, which hits. I run forward and throw a shuriken towards it, which just flies by him.

The zombies in the thorns start to try and come out of the thorns, however, Haissem and Tim decide that they don’t want that to happen. Haissem cast magic that knocks them back and immobilizes them, whilst Tim knocks them all over. Lillith at this point is making her way towards the totem.

Tim sees this and flies over towards it, meanwhile teleporting Lilith to the other side of the room. Lilith throws a small temper tantrum after she lands on the other side of the room and decides to go home. Oh well.

The vine creature melds into the thorn wall and through it to the other side, whilst all the zombies cease to struggle. Tim and Haissem start examining the pillar/totem thing, and discover that the runes are almost identical to the last ones, and they begin to unravel the runes.

The portal on the opposite side is flickering in and out of focus the whole time, and whenever they finally deactivate the pillar, in comes into slightly sharper focus, but it still isn’t clear. I grab one of the torches from the wall and toss it into the portal, where it flies through and falls on the other side.

There is another wave of energy, and it comes from further in the cave we are in, so we decide that if we can find and neutralize this emitter, that the portal will more than likely become stable and we should be able to travel through it, and as it shows a place with sunlight, this is highly accepted and approved.

We move downward into the cave, and there is a fork. We go right. We come to a cliff edge, where there is a cube simply floating in the air. It has a small whole in the middle, and is easily scalable. I jump straight through the whole, hang onto the edge, and drop a torch into the bottom. The vine creature is in the opposite corner. I nimbly jump down and land, and the others follow. Our shadows on the floor caused by the torchlight raise up into medium sized shadow creatures.

We begin to fight them, when suddenly, the vine monster touches a symbol on the wall behind him, and the cube rotates. Tim and Haissem attempt hang onto the wall, and Tim succeeds, whilst Haissem falls to the ground in pain. I fell, but was not injured by it. I began to attack the shadow creatures, but it was three on 1 and not going well for me. The vine creature decides to press the symbol again. This time Haissem manages to hold to the wall, whilst I again try much luck at falling. Not so lucky this time, I’m afraid.

Tim decides to fly into the center of the cube, and simply float there, whilst launching arcane destruction at the vine creature. I was on the ground being beaten up by the shadow creatures, and I press the button behind me. This time I, to grab the wall. The shadows fall, Tim floats, Haissem and the vine monster both continue to hang.

Then a wave of necrotic energy comes washing over us. I instantly feel rejuvenated. At almost the same moment, a wave of heat washes over the cube, and Haissem, the shadows and the vine monster are all three on the floor. I see Haissem start to dance with hot feet, but the monster either didn’t feel it or showed no signs of pain. Tim and I both proceed to attack the vine monster with all our strength, to which ends he collapses, while Haissem immobilized the shadows with another wall of thorns. Once the vine monster succumbed, the shadows vaporized into nothingness.

Now we are all inside the cube, with a portal below and above us, and we see fire starting to come up from down below. I immediately press the correct button to turn it the way it should be. The flames lick the bottom of the cube, but do not cause us damage.

We escape the cube on the opposite side we entered, and continue a small distance until we encounter another room with almost countless non-reflexive mirrors. In them we are able to see a ridiculously large being, chained and shackled, and being served by zombie creatures. Tim and Haissem instantly are able to feel that the necrotic pulses we felt earlier came from here, and that if these mirrors are destroyed, the portal should be able to transport us out of this plane.

Tim claps his hands. Every single mirror in the room shatters into millions upon millions of pieces. We no longer are able to necrotic forces, and decide to head back the way we came. We consul, and decided to attempt the other fork. When we get there, we see a herd of what passes for townsfolk in this plane pouring from the bottleneck of the entrance. We stop and interrogate one of them, and he informs us that a primordial named Myphos is down there and summoning things.

We release the frightened villager, and begin to try and make our way down that pathway. We get a way down it, when we spot a large group of shadow summons and they were racing our way. We instantly pulled an about face and high tailed it back to the portal, whereupon we hopped through it and into sunlight.

We are finally somewhere sane again (hopefully) and now I can sleep in piece. Good night journal.



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