Gods, Guides, and Worlds Between

I Find My Lack of Journal Entries Disturbing...

Once again, I’m writing. Seems like its been forever. I hope I can do justice to the story it seems my companions and I are in. Sigh…

We spent the evening in the “treasure” room behind the Dragon’s Lair. We wake up and Haissem informs us that we should look for a way out without having to go back past the dragon. Our sorcerer, Tim, seems to have disappeared by this time, and I assume he has gone up to see the dragon. While the majority of the party is searching the area for a way out, Lilith, our resident musician, runs down the dragon hallway yelling at the top of her voice…

Haissem and I, including the remainder of our party, thoroughly searched both the treasure room and the tree room. At length, and at our despair of finding nothing, Lilith returned and explained to us that the dragon would let us out, and that there was also a place around the side of his cave where there was some strong energy. He (the dragon) assumed that in the area where this energy was centered was more than likely a device to release him. Lilith told us to follow her, that she would lead the way to the other cave. Haissem, Tim, and myself all were opposed to releasing the dragon, yet Lilith was bent to the goal.

As we were walking towards the other cave, the company saw a strange cat looking thing, that looked alot like the amulet she was carrying. The cat started wagging its tail, if that’s the word, and I almost fell into what felt like a dream. I was, however, fortunate enough to avoid it. Arafel then says that he sees a glowing cat looking creature in the distance, and that it is pointing to its right. We all look at him, and he then says that it went away.

At length, we approached he entrance of the cave, which was shrouded by old dead trees. Tim proceeded to set them alight with flame. I’m so glad he knows how to be stealthy…

We enter into the cave and proceed down a long hallway and come to an intersection with two doors, the one on the right is made of wood and barely hanging on the wall. The other is a door made of steel, with three locks and two glyphs printed on it. They, according to our magically inclined members of our Company informed me that they were trap glyphs. I proceed to disarm all the glyphs and unlock all the locks. Behind me, Tim blasted the wooden door off its hinges. Inside of Tim’s room, it seemed as if there were undead spiders. Darkwing, Ridoh, Bladepwn, and Arafel proceeded to enter into Tim’s room and dispose of the spiders.

My fingers were so busy during all of this that they were growing rather warm. I turn to the rest of my party, snap my fingers, and all the locks and traps shatter and turn to dust and evaporate respectively. I slowly opened the door. Haissem stepped towards the wall as an arrow flew by his head and continued to fly, finally landing in the spider room, judging by the sound. Tim, Haissem, Lilith, and I then proceed into My door, and we see many statues standing about. There is also a Gorgon standing in the room with a bow in hand. I closed my eyes at this point, but Tim said that this isn’t the type of gorgon that petrified you by simply looking at you. It actually had to weaken you first, then it would petrify its target.

A fight ensued, in which everyone got in at least one good hit. Finally the gorgon lay slain, and we walked up to the altar at the end of the room. There is nothing on it; yet on the sides there are a few jewels. Haissem and I collect three apiece. We leave the room and go into the other. Darkwing is standing in the middle of the room, whilst everything around him is ablaze. The other three members of our company are standing in psuedo-terror. Luckily, there was another doorway in this room.

It went on into another hallway and down a shallow incline for quite some ways. We came into a room on a ledge overlooking a many columned room. There seems to be six figures down on the far end of the room. They looked like the ghosts of dwarves. We saw a set of stairs to our right. There were railings in front of us however, and we all thought that it would be much quicker to travel down that way. Haissem and I were discussing the best way down, when a gnome flew by our faces, falling to what looked like his death. At the bottom, however, he blasted a soundwave out from his boots, and cushioned his blow. Haissem and I were awestruck. I slide down my grappling hook, and Haissem (in owlbear form) slid down after me and retrieved my rope for me.

The dwarf on the altar was next to a throne, and shouting rather loudly in a language I couldn’t understand. I was informed that it was Dwarven. He was ranting about lies and the fact that he was a prince and other things which I have not a care to remember. We all started calling out to him about the reasons behind these “lies”. Eventually, we shouted so much that he put his head in his hands, and the dwarves around him disappeared. We then proceeded to lay into Prince Dwarf with our blades and he disappeared only to reappear on the altar next to the throne.

Time to take a break, I think. Until next time my faithful journal. I will write whenever I may…Good Evening.


Good job, buddy. Welcome to 200 xpville, population: you


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