Gods, Guides, and Worlds Between

Nightmare, the First

I’ve woken up in the throne room. I’m covered in sweat…My companions are still asleep…Seems as if I’ve had a nightmare.

I was the same age as I am now, or roughly therebouts. I’m walking through my home town, Ulmo, when it was attacked by the Lyrican Order again. I saw Rionell, Lucian, Holic, all of my current companions, and Pontiff Bricer was there. I should say Ioun, as he was floating, blowing away all the buildings. Numonir was there, and he cut off the heads of my parents. I was powerless to stop the onslaught, and I wept. I screamed in agony. Ioun/Bricer then heard my scream and came towards me. She said to me that I had escaped her original spell and that now came the time for me to lose myself. She started chanting some incantation. I simply looked at her, tears still streaming down my face.

I woke up…crying, sweating, not knowing that I was crying because I was sweating so profusely…

Hopefully this never happens again…

Good Night Journal…again.



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