Gods, Guides, and Worlds Between

Tim's Log 14322-2a

I am currently of the opinion that I have earned approximately 32 hours of continuous smugness from this escapade.

The escape from the dragon wasn’t quite what I had hoped; instead of conning the dragon or simply making a run for it the idiot Bard managed to get us to agree to go further out and try and free it. Not going to happen, no way am I releasing that dragon. His directions toward one of the, apparently, many nexi of necrotic energy that sustain this plane and its machinations were helpful in fulfilling my ultimate goal. We are not destroying that nexus, I require it for my experiments.

Back to the tale at hand, we walked toward the nexus of energy the dragon mentioned and were accosted by one the cat-things the Bard clings to; she seemed concerned that one of us would follow the thing into the darkness as the villagers sometimes do, another sign of incurably stupid these people are, and slapped my companion. She seems to chastise us for any perceived dangerous actions on our part when so far I’ve only seen her cuddle a white dragon; irony is apparently a lost form of humor down here.

We come to the location indicated by the dragon, which is a tomb of clearly dwarven construction. We come to a set of sturdy, locked doors apparently operated by some mechanism. The rogue Shaes does the incredibly foolish thing and gets in my way of blasting the doors open. He forgot some very important principles in doing this, and I mean to remind him that: a)situational awareness is your friend, do not run in front of the gnome with the glowy ball in his hands, b)do not interrupt a sorcerer, the consequences are usually painful, and c)if a door has hinges and some mechanism by which it opens Dingle’s Law of Ambiance states that it will inevitably close at the worst possible/most dramatic moment.

We continue down the hallway til we come to a split, Shaes takes the big door with all the locks (I like to make the fellow feel useful once in a while, he makes a fine lackey) and I blast the wooden door open. The wooden door is filled with undead spiders…apparently the necrotic energy filling this place reanimated the little buggers. Shaes opened the other door after much fiddling and revealed a room full of statuary and a gorgon; not the look at you and petrify kind, but a similar breed. After stomping the gorgon a new one, we looted the room; there wasn’t much in the way of loot but I did get to desecrate an altar so it wasn’t a complete loss.

We headed back towards the spider room to find flames everywhere and a hyperventilating dragonborn. After proceeding for a distance, we came upon the burial chamber of the dwarven prince. He was quite undead and ranting on about something in dwarven. My companions prattled on inefficiently, as they are wont to do far to often, about how to negotiate or attack or sit around and pick their bums…all irrelevant, you simply let the opposing side now that shit just got real and they need to get out of the way. So I vaulted the railing, which gave me an opportunity to test my blast-up theory (from my last use of the leap) which I found to be sucessful. I must note that the forces and angles involved could very well do more harm than good if I am not careful, it may perhaps be more advisable simply to develop some sort of levitation item. After I landed I made sure that the dwarf understood he was not dealing with just some pack of scraggly adventurers or feeble-minded villagers; but that he faced nothing less than 3feet, 58lbs of gnomish fury! The dwarf was clearly terrified by my furious approach and terrifying appearance that he failed to act until the incessant prattling of my companions drove him to tears…I empathize with the poor fellow on this one. We quickly defeated this specter, or should I say “cleansed” it for it reappeared without all the shouting and said something else I’m quite convinced was irrelevant. I am now setting down to study this nexus and glean as much information from it as I can. If anyone tries to destroy this thing before I’m done, By Grampa’s Wings I WILL blast them so hard the children will die from the shock!


/me tosses Tim 200xp
Buy yourself a new shirt :)

Tim's Log 14322-2a

I hope it’s not cold around here, otherwise things are likely to get a bit nipply.

Tim's Log 14322-2a

I’m glad I have a name, and am not simply random Adventurer #4.

Tim's Log 14322-2a

Heh, you actually introduced yourself and currently haven’t caused you to lose name privileges.

Tim's Log 14322-2a


Tim's Log 14322-2a

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