Gods, Guides, and Worlds Between

Tim's Log 14322-3a

Well, this one is a quite eventful log. To cut to the end: this is being written from some place that is not shadow hell and about 40ft up a tree until I have determined my legal status in….wherever we are. Let’s just say I am wanted (dead preferably) in 26 kingdoms and not wanted in all the rest. Incident with being forced to make a castle disappear…but I do hear that Lake Tim is beautiful this time of year.

Well, back to the adventure at hand. After reincorporating conveniently behind my compatriots I saw they were engaged in a battle with 2 large zombies with strange runes in their chest.(Xagyg states that the teleportation this is due to universal convenience mandates, something about the tapestry of Fate and the Great Narrator) We proceeded to handily dismantle them and I observed that the runes were a seal of binding, though some how occulted into a differing form binding a fragment of the master’s essence into a mortal frame. This suggested that whatever was controlling these beings was immensely powerful…like scientific notation levels of power.

We make our way to the cave the large zombies exited; sensing a large amount of necrotic energy. Upon entering the cave I have Xagyg do a bit of scouting, luckily its chaotic nature allowed it to shift into a subtle hue to sneak around a corner and relate the scene to me. Shaes snuck around the corner to give a better description and I determined that there was a vine horror, about 20 zombies, and a necrotic totem.

Dorkstick distracted the zombies and we herded them into the hallway and swiftly murdered them all, unfortunately the vine horror escaped down the hallway before the righteous bombardment began. The Bard was attempting to examine the totem, luckily I managed to fly over a teleport the Bard to a safe distance before the crazy wench managed to wreck the thing. I safely disabled the totem and took some of the runes for my personal collection. There was also an unstable portal in the room, which I noted in case I needed another exit.

We continued down the path until it forked, the right path seethed with necrotic power. As we went down the path we came to a cubic structure with a hole in the side floating in midair.

We scrambled in the small hole and saw that the vine horror had taken refuge in the cube. As we prepared to unleash a much overdue dose of the old ultraviolence the vine horror touched a rune in the corner of the cube and the cube began to rotate. Upon seeing this I decided to expedite to flight to avoid this simple trap; my companions were unfortunately thoughtless enough not to invest in flight in case of such an occasion.

The horror summoned several darkhounds that proceeded to bedevil Shaes. I focused on removing the horror and after much cube turning he was dealt with. We narrowly escaped the cube to the opposite side before a burst of flame engulfed the cube. We proceeded into the alcove containing thousands of mirror focusing the necrotic energy on to a simply adorned runic focus stone. The large mirror on the back showed the image of an enormous primordial raising more shadow creatures. I assumed that this was the leader of all these creatures.

After shattering the mirrors and the remaining totem, I decided to go back down the other fork. We were met by a swarm of fleeing villagers who were all exclaiming that the primordial was summoning more shadow beings. A tactical decision to retreat to the portal room and we saw that the portal had stabilized, so we exited this shitpit post-haste.



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