Gods, Guides, and Worlds Between

Tim's Log 14323

Oh dear, this will be a rather long entry…and quite probably a bit nonsensical to those who are not of…appropriate intellectual or arcane caliber to grasp the finer points of these recent beauteous events. Given that the origin of this diversion occurs in the same room where my last entry left off you may wonder at the code change, trust me it will make sense.

I was giving the room a once over while the others rested, hoping to find some trace of the origin of this demiplane. I was over in a shadowed corner when I saw a faint outline that didn’t seem to fit the room. It was no wonder it was so difficult to see, it was a fragment of a tablet carved out of the same material the walls were made of and reflected almost no light. It was written in what was clearly Primordial and I began to read it aloud…this will seem foolish to some in a moment but I must remind those who peruse my work that Primordial is the elemental language and has a certain resonance that is only audible(a speaker reading a piece therefore adds his/her own inflections and can subtly alter the meaning). The tablet was part history/part incantation that described the creation of the planar portal to this realm and gave some background…unfortunately given my background my reading began to give effect to the words. I suppose my heritage as a sorcerer lent more credence to my rendition to the spell and I was caught up in a magical maelstrom. Ahh, Arneson’s First Law of Adventuring: thou shalt not read aloud mysterious tablets for they always release something evil or send you somewhere unpleasant..how could I forget that one?!?

The spell was not free from interference of the deltastream nor was it…complete shall we say. I was transported only temporarily to the Elemental Chaos, to the Chains of Maul-Tar, to Gramps! The deltastream interference trapped the majority of me between planes and so protected me from any detrimental effects of being there. This…...this was spectacular; a chance to speak with Maul-Tar, to understand the true nature of him and, therefore, of myself.

I will not record the conversation verbatim, it was rather lengthy and most of it was regarding myself alone. Suffice to say Gramps isn’t much for conversation beyond the means and methodology of destruction, though he is quite inventive when it comes to that, and setting him free. I could never release him, he’d just go and either destroy everything or the gods would have another celestial tizzy and probably smite me or something equally ineffective. He did give me some insight into our current situation and told me I should simply let things play out and then he gave me his blessing to go back. By that I mean he blasted my ass into a billion pieces. Despite being only partially there his breath is quite capable of annihilating anything wholesale.

So now you’re asking “But how did you write this?”, quite interesting I must say. you see I was being quite literal when I stated that he merely blew me into my smallest constituent components; i.e. it did not kill me. My consciousness was scattered and every particle of being was soaked in the very essence of the chaotic storm that is Maul-Tar. It hurt like a motherfucker. But as I was not dead, merely scattered it was simply a matter of focus to slowly coalesce back into my perfect gnomish form.

I must say having one’s very essence doused in chaos and being forced to think oneself back together is quite enlightening. In order to reform I had to reconcile the chaotic energies with the storm of power by focusing on the essentials that made me myself. It’s kind of like having to do a whole lot of meditating very quickly with a yard of schoolchildren shouting random obscenties in your ears. But I found myself back together soon enough, but I had changed.

The saturation of chaos and storm energies have refined my state, making some parts more stable while the chaotic energies have coalesced into a sentient, prismatic storm-cloud. I was quite surprised when it spoke to me for the first time, it uses a combination of color shifts and musical tones to speak, and I understand that I am the only one capable of comprehending it. The thing told me its name is Xagyg and that is my familiar. Xagyg told me that he coalesced out of the energy released when I condensed back into my mortal frame, a combination of chaotic energy and elements from my personality. Although it was made from me, it seems to have different opinions from me on some things…I find I rather like it. At least I’ll never want for an intelligent conversation again.

On a side note..I think I saw magic. Not the effects of magic when one wields it, I believe I saw magic as it truly exists…sitting in the family room in its robe as it were. I certainly understand something now, something that I believe I can develop into a truly spectacular piece of work soon.

Well, with my skin on the outside again and all my organs internal once more it was time for me to be off…more specifically the portal spell collapsed explosively. The deltastream is as annoying as ever and seems to be searching for someplace suitable to spit me back out in hell…yes I’m writing mid-port. This thing is taking a while.



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