Shaes Dynrund the Paladin Slayer

Halfling in search of glory, fame, fortune, and the annihilation of the Lycirian Order.

Name Level Race Class Alignment Deity
Shaes Dyrund the Paladin Slayer 8 Halfling Rogue Chaotic Good Sehanine
Str: 12 (+1) Int: 10 (+0)
Con: 12 (+1) Wis: 12 (+1)
Dex: 20 (+5) Cha: 16 (+3)
AC: 22 Fort: 16
Ref: 20 Will: 18
Acrobatics (Dex) 14 T
Arcana (Int) 4
Athletics (Str) 4
Bluff (Cha) 4
Diplomacy (Cha) 4
Dungeoneering (Wis) 4
Endurance (Con) 4
Heal (Wis) 4
History (Int) 4
Insight (Wis) 10 T
Intimidate (Cha) 4
Nature (Wis) 4
Perception (Wis) 12 T
Religion (Int) 4
Stealth (Dex) 14 T
Streetwise (Cha) 12 T
Thievery (Dex) 14 T
HP: 53 Surge Value: 13 Surges: 6
Initiative: 11 Speed: 6 Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Elven
Racial Features Class Features Feats
Lost in the Crowd Backstabber Alertness
Quick Draw Slaying Action
At-Will Encounter Daily Utility
Sly Flourish Positioning Strike Easy Target
Deft Strike Flamboyant Strike Walking Wounded
Circling Predator
Weapons Armor Items
Duelist’s Dagger Bloodcut leather Adventurer’s Kit
Thunderburst Short Sword Amulet of Health Thieves’ Kit
Shuriken Climbing Gear 662 gp, 149 sp, 0 cp
Bag of Holding: 15 Jewels, God Stone, 2 Golden Crowns

table{width:70%;}. |_\3. Weapon / Implement | |\3. Duelist Dagger +1 | | Range: Melee | Attack Mod: +14 | Damage: 1d4+1 | |\3. Properties: | |\3. Powers: Daily: Gain CA over target.


This is the story of Halfling named Shaes Dynrund by his parents and called the “Paladin Slayer” by his teacher, and greatest of the Halflings in his village, Numonir Salmilin. Shaes’ parents were simple farmers in his hometown of Ulmo, where the main crop was wheat. They were very diligent farmers, and his father was named Ryns Dynrund. He worked from sun-up to sun down, and only had the Sabbath day for a break, where he and his family went to the village church to worship their Diety, whom Shaes has forgotten now. His mother’s name was Sulet Dynrund, and her maiden name was Ustsam. She was from a neighboring village of Burust, about 30 Miles from Ulmo. They were married and settled about 5 years before they had Shaes, and so they were married 15 years before. They were both 35 when Shaes was born.

Then came the War……

The followers of the Lyrican Order swept throughout the bread basket of Firnin, causing destruction, death and chaos. They scoured the land to hinder their enemies food supply, and they destroyed mostly all the Halfling settlements throughout it. Ulmo was especially decimated, leaving none alive, or at least that is what the Order believed. Shaes was left alive in the aftermath. He wandered his burnt and destroyed land, smelling the smell of the hell’s of all religions (at least to his nose). He finally came to a new settlement, Leris, where he had to find a way with no money. Being only twelve at the time, it was quite difficult, and he managed for some time, however, inexperience got the better of him. It was at the lowest of lows that Shaes met Numonir Salmilin. Numonir taught him to be streetwise, and how to use a blade. Numonir taught him how to use a dagger and a short sword, as Halflings can’t really wield anything larger than a short sword. Numonir also taught him to use the Shuriken, a small throwing dagger that can also be used in close range. Numonir also taught him how to pick locks. Shaes learned how to be extremely crafty and very, very sneaky and stealthy. He then began living with Numonir in his home. Numonir told Shaes of the travesty that occurred on the village of Ulmo. Shaes was completely enraged and vowed vengeance against the Lyrican Order. Numonir explained that such a feat would be very difficult, and that Shaes should wait until he was considerably older. Shaes heeded the advice and waited ten long years. He attended the schools that were in Leris, for there were many, as Leris was a large mining settlement. He went to the College there and graduated with a degree in Bartering. Numonir, however, did not stay around that whole time. All Shaes knew was that one day he was there and one day, he was gone. All that remained was a note that read as follows. “I have gone to seek revenge against the Lyrican Order myself, Shaes. If I ever return consider me one of the luckiest and bravest Eladrin you’ve ever known, and if I don’t, I hope to see you on my travels one day. However, my life may be ended on my quest, and therefore I wish you the best of luck and wish for you to seek your fortune in the world after you graduate from college. Use whatever means necessary to achieve your ends. Remember, Fame, Fortune, and Glory shall be yours. Remember to always praise Sehanine, may she guide your path and protect your body and soul.

Your Mentor, Teacher, and very dear friend,

Numonir Salmilin.”

So Shaes traveled to Tybernickle, and on his way he met a Cleric, and they stumbled into a bar.

Shaes Dynrund the Paladin Slayer

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