Finder of forgotten, lost knowledge, who also lost connection with the world



Not the sturdiest of eladrin, he is considered frail to those around him. He makes no attempt to cover up this weakness. (STR 8)

Resolute. What he may lack physically he compensates with the strenght of mind. Through mental discipline alone he has advanced his body's condition beyond what most others will ever reach. This is good, because it takes a steady body to accomplish what he has, and what he will. (CON 14)

His natural agility is uncommon, even for an eladrin. With that said it greatly supercides that of other, less dexterous races. Despite his age, when the need arises he is stil quite abile to move with the best of them. (DEX 16)

Haissem's greatest fault and often his greatest burden is his great of brilliance. His command of knowledge, history is incredible. Brilliant even at a very young age, time and testing has only proven to add upon him. In a hostile situation, he is more able to predict, and counter an opponent because of his knowledge. Haissem is also able to boast the ability to speak in eight different tounges. (INT 17)

With power comes great responsiblity, or so it has been said. If this is true, then Haissem has the greatest responsibilty of all. Although he does lack certain life experiences none can deny his command of the knowledge he has been given. And he shows it well. What he may lack anywhere else, he shows in his strength of mind. (WIS 18)

Obscured and secluded as a child, he wasn't a social butterfly. As he aged his vocation demanded greater interaction with others. Evently he learned how to better interact with people on a day to day basis, but it is still nothing to brag about. (CHA 10)


Haissem will often seen wearing hide based armor, a sheathed longsword, and resting on a short staff (with an owl figure designed into it).

When trouble calls Haissem is not afraid to answer. While he may not rush in foolishly, he is more than able to act quickly and purposeflly (INITIATIVE 7)(SPEED 7)

Haissem's skillset is divers and well trained. Most of what he has learned he has learned through stern study rather than direct expeirence. This does not at all take away from his knowledge however. And often he can tell you more about a place than someone who actually lives there.
[ Trained Skills:
Arcana(14)Dungeoneering(13)History(14)Insight(13)Nature(13) ]

Time has testest Haissem both in his mind and body. Experience has taught him many things. With those lessons Haissems invests the experience into greater ways to learn. He has taken the time to learn six additional languages (Linguist, Linguist). He is also skill and gifted with use the magical items (Implement Expert) and well as the performance of magic (Expert Ritualist). Still he realizes that he is not always enough for the situation and hand and lately has looked for other powers, greater than himself for help and direction (Multi-Class: Shaman).


Even at a young age he had interest and skill with all manner of puzzles, enigmas, and riddles.  Second in passion only to a puzzle was hearing a story. Haissem's earliest memories are of his father’s tall tales. Although the fact and fiction of the stories are inseperatable, Haissem often thinks back of them in troubled times for direction and courage.

His parent died while he was still young. Being the middle child with four other siblings he only went with everyone else as they relocated with distant relatives. Haissem never really overcame this loss nor was he ever able to adjust to his new home.  When he came of age he left to return back to his home lands.

Haissem was never to be found without a book. Knowledge and history was how he explored the world. If he wasn’t reading he was writing. He sought people with stories and tales. Often relentlessly spending hours until a person was either horse or had nothing else to say. All of this was in kindness, and most people enjoyed sharing with him.

Overall he lived an uneventful life and he was happy with what he had. Haissem never had ambitions to be famous or rich. Every copper he earned went to further his studies. As time grew so did his collection of books. Most of his collection was mundane however every once and a while he would come across something particularly interesting. Either some forgotten lore, forgotten spells, and even cookie recipes.


Haissem did become famous, but to no fault of effort of his own. He started to make discoveries about history and magic that other had not yet. In time he was recognized for this and was given the opportunity to work at a level previously never explored by him before. This is when his life forever changed. He was offered, what was to him the greatest puzzle and couldn’t resist it.

His new research took him to places he only experienced though books before. During these travels is when he fell in love and eventually married a fellow researcher. Together they had four children. The sad reality is that in all of his learning he never learned how to be a father. While he loved his children he didn’t always know how to show it. The oldest son was perhaps the most neglected. The second son was no sooner born than the oldest was leaving. The next to be born was his only daughter, and shortly there after another son.

Perhaps it was due to the experience of his first two children but Haissem was better able to show love to his two youngest than his two oldest. This was not intentional, and at times it did cause tension among them. All of this changed however whenever his daughter tragically died. Haissem all but died himself, and seemingly gave up on everything but his research. In truth Haissem didn’t know how to deal with this loss.
He had spent so much of his life learning that he didn’t know how to live.


Haissem’s research was famous among his peer’s. His discovery, rediscovery, and revelation of the process of magic and it’s use was second to none.  Perhaps one of the most notable acts was the rebirth of a dying art; Swordmage. His research was used to help train a new generation in this forgotten art. His research was divers to say the least. From the creation of dragon’s fire to rigidity of a gelatinous cube’s form. From simple predistigitation to the summoning of the dead. Each project he was given always was taking him someplace different. His goal however always remaned the same: A greater understanding of magic.

Haissem still never wanted to be famous, and still never wanted to be rich. The benefits to others because of this research were in fact side effects of him simply trying to solve a puzzle. Of course he was glad that the world was benefiting from his work, however he would have been just as happy to stay in obscurity.

Working on the level he was now did come with alot of benefits. The greatest benefit of it all to him was his great library. Because of his work and where it took him, he found access to sites, history and magic. In his library, he compiled lost research, magic, rituals, stories and history. Above all else this was his pride and joy.


Then tragedy struck. Layed before Haissem was the road to answers. The key component to so many dead end projects. The holy grail of what Haissem ultimatley had spent his life towards. So he reached for it. With terrible consciquences. How was he to suspect what would have happened next? How was he to know what fate had in store for him next?

Now Haissem has found himself in another world of sorts. Void of great puzzles. Void of great stories. To him, this is his own personal hell. Living among the residents of Trilt has helped bring him back in touch with the world, but it has done nothing to quell the storm within his heart. He knows what he has lost and will use everything has has to get it back to it. Knowledge.


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