Gods, Guides, and Worlds Between

Encounter at the Tybernickle tavern
Episode 2

=== Report 1: Tybernickle's Thri Source
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As per our instructions Lucian and my self (Rionell) have been looking for more information about the possible thri outbreak near Tybernickle. Our search brought us to a tavern in town. It didn't take long before we found a disturbance; A local man started to attack bystanders. Having no other choice, we quickly dispatched him, but not before he somehow summoned rats to his aid. The rats were not at all a threat in and of themselves, but I believe Lucian and I ended up catching some disease from them. As result, we had a group of Paladins treat us, and they brought us to another area for treatment.

We also ran into the Baron but he didn't seem to notice who we were, and in fact I witnessed him seek help of several others to solve his thri problem. I realize this poses a problem with our organization's bounty. Such as it is, I plan to have a few of the more suitable adventures assist us in this job. Though they may help and be rewarded, I'm certain we will be credited to the mission's success. I'm sure with the resources provided to us, our efforts will prevail.

As for the adventures I'm interested so far; One is named Jeremiah, he is some half-elf. Another is a woman named Eve. She looks human, but I'm certain she isn't.

These two helped out, just a little, in the taven with local and the rats. Additonally, they are the only two left alive after the attack, so that has to count for something.

I'm certain this will all play out well.

Rionell & Lucian


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