So called as a common nick name to the delta space of magic, the Deltastream has been a arcane mystery since man’s understanding of magic first emerged. It is generally accepted that the Deltastream is one of the four quadrents of space that each houses one of the four forces that govern reality. Alpha space houses the laws of matter and principles relating to their interaction. Beta space encompasses the laws of energy and it’s changes. Gamma space lords over spacial positioning and relationships. Delta space, or the Deltastream, houses a set of laws unlike any of the others. Within it lies the possibility to interact with the other three quadrents and blur the boundries separating them.

The Deltastream is a very volitile entity in that it is highly reactive to even the smallest stimuli. It is this phanominon that man has reversed engineered to establish what we know today as arcane magic. It is believed that the Delta space is intended as a control to oversee the interaction of the other three quadrents. Iron’s interaction with heat from fire, for example.

Historic Relivance

The four quadrents would go unnoticed by all but the most scholarly if it had not been for the rifts. Some major incident in Firnin’s history caused the Deltastream to generate spikes of activity randomly all over the planet. As we have observed, whenever there is activity in the deltastream, it will manifest in reality as well. Unfortunatly, these spikes were way beyond normal delta space activity, as a result huge spacial tears or “rifts” would randomly appear and cause strange behavior all around it. When one appeared, the grass around it could spring to life, or the stones nearby could burst into flames, or disappear outright, as though they had never existed at all. In one horrific event, an elf child was swallowed up by a rouge rift and she appeared moments later as a corpse. The body had evidence of unspeakable torture inflicted upon it by mortal hands.

Over the years the rifts have decreased in intensity and frequency. Today, rifts appear as tiny rips in space about 2 feet in diameter having mild interactions with the world around them. However, they still are extreamly dangerous especially to those that find themselves coming into physical contact with them. Their manifestation is usually signaled by wind and a sudden gravitational pull toward the center of the void about three seconds later.

Research Notes on the Four Spacial Quadrents

Archmage Judith Timbire


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