Triciara is known to be a continent commanded by the will of it's inhabitants.  It started out being controlled by hundreds of nobles that owned the territory.  A coalition of progressive thinking nobles banded together their kingdoms to make the largest kingdom in the land commanded by all of them by way of the vote.  Soon after the entire continent was taken under the unbrella of Triciara.  


  Parlement is the ruling body of Triciara made up of 100 respected individuals from different regions of Triciara.  Each individual is elected by the people of their region to take office for life, but can be removed by popular vote of the region if they so deem nessisary.  These tend to be older, politically connected and verced gentlemen of the human, elven, and dwarven races.  All races are currently represented, but there is no mandate to ensure that state.  The head of parlement is the high lord, a position granted to the wisest of the original rulers and passed down from generation to generation.  Unlike parlement, high lord is not an elected position, but an inherited one, unless the current high lord is seen to be unfit for the position and is voted out by parlement.  Policy is changed by parlement members submitting issues to the high lord and the high lord presenting those issues to parlement in the order of importance he believes the issue possesses.  Parlement votes on the issue and the high lord may send it back for one last vote if he deems it unfitting.  This return is usually followed by a speech to the entire population of Triciara asking their aid in influencing their parlementarian's decision.  The high lord also posesses the swing vote in the event of a tie.  



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