About 5 years ago, a strange and evil plague has begun sweeping across Triciara from the western continents. It was called by the Lyrican Order “The Thri” and noted as an evil entity bent on swaying the hearts of all people. The symptoms of Thri is usually insanity because of it’s mind afflicting properties. It causes the victim to think and do things normally unthinkable to them.

Medical Information

Thri has a strange way of spreading. When Thri first infect a body, it takes a period of time to incubate and spread. This normally takes a week or two, in some cases it has been much sooner and later. When the incubation period is over, the victim is highly contageous, releasing millions of Thri spores into the air and covering all he touches. By this point the victim has typically already fallen prey to the mind afflicting properties of the plague and are drivin insane. Victims are only contageous for a day at most.

Combating the Thri

It was found by chance that the mineral Jisper (a type of quartz) reacts vilently with Thri spores by giving off exponitialy larger quantities of purple light. Many have taken to installing these stones into gates or portals to alert them of a possible infected. Sadly, many have died needlessly to this, because Jisper will react to active and nonactive strands of the plague. Some poor individual may simply walk through an area that was once covered with active strains, only to be lenched when he arrives at a town due to the nonactive strains covering his feet or legs.


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