Triciara is ruled mostly by a parlement elected for life by it's people and headed by Lord Keld, a position passed from generation to generation.  Triciara enjoys an enormously diverse population mixture thanks mostly to it's social policies.


  For years Triciara was covered by followers of every known deity, but in the 25th Keld (about 15 years ago) a religious order was formed to worship all the gods of law.  It was soon branded the Lyrican Order.  Regardless of the fact that the Lawful deities were opposed to sharing leadership, the Lyrican Order spread to all parts of Triciara including all members of parlement.  The biggest reason for this is Lyrican's utter refusal to acknowledge man's power over death.  They believe once one dies, they should be left to pass to their ultimate destiny.  Those who return the dead to our world are hertics and punished in the most brutal way possible.  They do believe, however, that extending one's life is a great virtue.  A group of powerful clerics were charged with warding off death by natural causes from any Lyrican using powerful magic known only to them.  Eternal life proved to be a powerful motivator, especially to the members of parlement who were closed to the end of their days anyway.  The Lyrican Order now has the largest known army in Firnin, including the armies of Triciara and any other continent.  Followers of the non-lawful deities are seen as fools or confused by majority of the population. 


  Around the 35th Keld, a strange and evil plague has begun sweeping across Triciara from the western continents.  It was called by the Lyrican Order "The Thri" and noted as an evil entity bent on swaying the hearts of all people.  The symptoms of Thri is usually insanity because of it's mind afflicting properties.  It causes the victim to think and do things normally unthinkable to them.


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